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This website is your launching point to learn "The Story Within The Pearl Harbor Story."  Learn why the Kimmel and Short families have so long supported the 1984 Pearl-Harbor-Survivors-Association (PHSA) initiative urging the President of the United States to posthumously nominate their commanders for advancement on the retired list.  In this, the 76th anniversary year of the Pearl Harbor attack, the urgency of PHSA's initiative is clear--the President should act before the sun sets on PHSA.

Advancement of the Pearl Harbor commanders, Rear Admiral Husband Kimmel and Major General Walter Short, respectively, the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army commanders during the 7 December 1941 Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor, was provided for under The Officer Personnel Act of 1947, but they have been solely and punitively excluded from receiving the benefits of the Act.

At PHSA's urging, Congress passed a law in 2000--chiefly sponsored by then Senator Joe Biden--recommending that the President advance Kimmel and Short on the retired list. To date, this administration has not done so even though Vice President Biden, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and Secretary of State John Kerry all voted for advancement in 1999 when they were senators from Delaware, Nebraska, and Massachusetts, respectively.

Learn more about this righteous pursuit of PHSA's worthy goal: justice for Kimmel and Short.

Thank You,
Tom Kimmel

PS--Pictured above are: 1) The USS Arizona Memorial; 2) Admiral Husband Kimmel; 3) Captain Thomas Kimmel, Admiral Kimmel & Commander Manning Marius Kimmel III aboard USS Arkansas in 1919; and 4) General Walter Short & Admiral Husband Kimmel in 1941.

The Director of Naval History Admiral Samuel Cox sent this piece to every Admiral in the United States Navy of 12/7/16

My Application to the Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) in the Rear Admiral Kimmel Matter, 4/7/17

The following attached documents, a through j, were submitted in support of my BCNR application:
a. Application to BCNR by Admiral Kimmel’s surviving sons, under date of April 7, 1987;
b. W. Dean Pfeifer letter to Thomas M. Sussman, Esquire, under date of 9 June 1987;

c. 10 U.S.C.A. § 1552(a){I};
d. U.S. Op. Atty. Gen. 10, 1948 WL 1663 (U.S.A.G. Oct. 11, 1948);
e. Vice Admiral James Holloway, Jr. memorandum to the Secretary of the Navy, under date of 27 APR 1954;
f. Admiral Arleigh Burke letter to Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, under date of July 24, 1991;

g. The Diretor of Naval History, Admiral Samuel Cox's Pearl Harbor Day Message, 12/7/16;
h. Captain Raymond Schmidt, USN, Reveiw of a A MATTER OF HONOR for CRYPTOLOG Spring 2017;
i. 37 Admirals 1991 Letter to President Bush 41 Updated 2006; and
j. Reasons to Support Advancement of Rear Admiral Kimmel on the Retired List.

11/16/16: WHRI Radio Interview of Manning Kimmel IV Concerning a new Pearl Harbor book, A MATTER OF HONOR, by Anthony Summers & Robbyn Swan

A Recorded Version of My Presentation to the Reserve Officers Association, Naples, Florida, 4/6/16, "There is Nothing to Fear."

Sample Resolution in Support of Rear Admiral Kimmel & Major General Short

Sample Advocate's Letter in Support of Rear Admiral Kimmel & Major General Short

Video--Admiral Mac Showers, who led the campaign to gain a Distinguished Service Medal posthumously for Joe Rochefort, on the Scapegoating of Admiral Kimmel

Video--"The Story Within The Pearl Harbor Story," by Tom Kimmel presented to the Atlanta, GA World War II History Round Table 6/18/15 here & on YouTube.

My letter to Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Admiral R. P. Burke, dated 6/20/17

Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Admiral R. P. Burke's letter to me, dated 7/31/17.

My letter to Vice Chief of Naval Operations Admiral W. F. Moran, dated 1/23/17

Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Admiral W. F. Moran's letter to me, dated 1/26/15.

My letter to Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Admiral W. F. Moran,  dated 4/11/15.

My Correspondence with Senator John McCain Summarized in Florida Today, 9/20/15.

My letter to Senator John McCain, dated 4/11/15.

Senator John McCain's letter to me, dated 8/15/15.

My letter to Senator John McCain, dated 8/16/15

Senator McCain's letter to President H. W. Bush, dated 10/17/91.

My letter to Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, dated 4/6/14.

My letter to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, dated 8/2/13.

Reasons to support Rear Admiral Kimmel for posthumous advancement to Admiral on the retired list.

My 6-year correspondence with Assistant Secretary of the Navy William Navas, 2/21/07--3/18/13